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Jackie LaPonza from Unsaid Fate

Here we have Jackie LaPonza from UnSaid Fate wearing Barmetal.


main 21200Photo Credits: Blind 7 Photography

Jackie fronts the Cleveland, Ohio quintet after the band formed from the wreckage of popular regional band JACKIE, and their brand of active rock see’s fiery hard rock with an extra dose of punk rock attitude.


main 1200aPhoto Credits: Blind 7 Photography

UnSaid Fate independently released their debut EP ‘Never Turning Back’ in 2014 which composed of the tracks ‘Our Addiction’, ‘Memories’ and ‘The Hyde’, and they are set to play alongside Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, The Browning and others throughout August and September on the Screams of Summer Tour in America. Check out the music video for ‘Our Addiction’ below.