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Kitsune Art

We are proud to endorse Jose and Hector of Madrid based band Kitsune Art! They are in the studio right now and record their debut album!


Kitsune Art Barmetal

Band Bio:

The word “Kitsune” is the Japanese translation of fox, mentioned the east tradition as a different being whose intelligence, knowledge and wisdom increase over time reflecting the number of tails in which it is acquiring reaching its peak with nine.

This legend identified with the philosophy of Kitsune Art as the band always seeking to grow, mature and evolve as does the fox in this legend. This way of thinking, working and ambitious spirit that is reflected in their such diverse and heterogeneous compositions, which are halfway between a metal and alternative rock with electronic parts, experimental passages, synthesizers, orchestration ...always with original sounds, the band do have a personal stamp within the range of their songs.


The group is consolidated in late 2011 and in just one year has gotten more interesting achievements, from his first study material recorded at The Metal Factory Studios where recording, production and mixing was provided by Alex Cappa (Vita Imana, Skunk DF, Hamlet... etc.), and in France it was mastered by Brett Caldas Lima in Tower Studios (Devin Townsend Project, Angela Gossow, Megadeth, Lacuna Coil, Sacred Reich, Cynic ... )


After parted ways with the singer Alex Alonzo they began to search a new singer and they found the actual singer Hector Montesdeoca.


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