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Sumo Cyco Singer Skye Sweetnam talks new Album, DIY music video production + how Skindred's Album Babylon changed her

Sumo Cyco Skye Sweetnam


We are very happy that we had the chance to do an interview with Skye Sweetnam of Sumo Cyco. She talked about the new album, as well as her stage outfits. Also she explained how much effort and energy they put into their DIY style music videos and last but not least, how Skindred's album Babylon changed her! Check out our Interview with Skye Sweetnam of Sumo Cyco.


You guys will bring out album Nr. 2  this year, what can we expect from the album?


We are still in the writing process, but things are sounding really great. We're experimenting with the limits of my voice when it comes to rapping and screaming. Matt "MD13" Drake is really getting stronger and stronger at production and writing. My lyrics have been about a lot of social issues lately. I find as I get older I start to get a broader picture of our world and not just obsess about my own life and my own problems.


In other interviews you said that you guys are big Skindred fans and that you are also influenced a bit by them. To finally have the man himself Benji Webbe from Skindred doin a song with you for the new album, that must be the ultimative thing ? How did that collaboration came together?


Skindred was the band that MD13, showed me after we hadn't seen each other for a year. He told me if there's one CD I should listen to, Babylon was it. It completely changed me and made me obsessed with dancehall and metal together and I immediately fell for Benji's vocals. It was then that I approached Matt about starting a band with me and Sumo Cyco was born.

A couple years ago I was adding some industry people on Facebook for some networking and James "LeRock" Loughrey (Producer of Skindred's late three albums) added me back. I showed him the band and invited him out to see us in London. He came, saw the show and we started talking about doing a track together. By coincidence, a year later the PR company we were working with also had a close relationship with Skindred, and when we told them we would be recording with James in London, our main man, Adam put an email in to Skindred's management to see if we could get him on the song. Benji said yes! It probably helped that we were working with a producer he knew and he dug the track! So as we were on tour in UK, Benji was sending us vocal ideas via email. It was surreal.



Please tell us a about your most recent music video for "Like A Killer",   lyrically and musically


"Like a Killer" is part 6 in the Lost in Cyco City Saga. We left off where my character Sever was stuck in a video game world. We used the smart phone game "Temple Run" as basis for our idea. Basically, my character has to run through a torch-lit forest path, dodging obstacles in order to survive. It was insane because we had to make over 120 real burning torches and film each scene before they burned out. Most of the video was shot using just the natural light from the flames.

The song lyrically is about running away from your problems, and maybe being a bit self destructive. I find pride is such an obstacle sometimes, to ask for help or forgiveness, even when you know in the back of your mind that that's what can help you to be at peace. Some people almost crave the turmoil in their lives.


Watching your music videos is a true pleasure! You do everything by your own DIY style, what was so far the most challenging music video?


Well that title has to go to FIGHTER. It actually was years in the making. We filmed the performance scene a long time before we built the miniature city for the storyline portion of the video. We collected old boxes for months from our friends and family and painstakingly cut out all the windows and painted each box. I made paper mache mountains, decorated the businesses with signs and lights and gardens. The entire set was built in my living room which disrupted my life because my house was literally turned into a miniature city where you had to watch every place you stepped. It felt like it took forever but I was really happy in the end with how it turned out.



For anyone who doesn't know Sumo Cyco, how would you describe the band's music?



We are intense, fun and energetic. As for genre goes we are somewhere between punk, metal, dancehall, rock and pop. We commonly are referred to as a metal version of No Doubt.


You just announced a European Tour with Butcher Babies and also your album will come out later this year. What does the rest of the year have in store for you and Sumo Cyco? This seems to become a very busy year?!


Yes, we are extremely excited to be on tour with the Butcher Babies! It will be great getting back to some cities we've been to before as well as some new ones. The tour will put a bit of delay on the album, but we are definitely planning on having it out this year. Can't rush art! We have a few more videos to release in the Lost in Cyco City saga, so stay tuned. We are hoping to be playing some festivals and touring the new music which will be amazing.


Last year we saw you guys live in Germany 2 times,  and besides your energetic live show, we gotta say you have a very cool and unique clothing style! how would you describe your overall style?


I think it's feminine but freaky and definitely has a punk rock edge.


What are some of your favorite clothes to wear onstage while performing?


I would say I'm inspired by creating a character for myself on stage. I love theatrics and costumes are a huge piece in creating a captivating stage show. I love bold patterns and adding a rocker vibe to some "hot" female uniforms. I've tried the nurse, the cheerleader, the maid, the schoolgirl, it's a lot of fun to try on a different outfit and feel the power that just getting into a character can bring.


What was the first band shirt you ever bought? (How old were you, what did this band mean to you?)


Hmmm, I'm trying to remember and it probably was something like N'Sync because when I was a 11 year old kid I loved all the pop music. haha but I love band T-shirts and they are a staple of what I wear on a daily basis. Matt's older brother gave me his Diary of a Madman Ozzy Osbourne shirt and it's probably the coolest band shirt I own.


With a name like Barmetal, it's obligatory to talk booze. Do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage, if so what is it and why do you like it?


I usually stick to vodka and soda because it's low calorie and I tend to not get bad hangovers. My shot of choice is whisky, usually one shot before stage to warm my throat. UK introduced me to cider so sometimes I'll switch it up an have a pint with with the guys.


Do you have a particular bar in your home country or anywhere else that you enjoy to go to?


I'll give a shout out to a few, The Bovine, The Hideout in Toronto  and The Casbah,  Absinthe and The Lazy Flamingo in Hamilton.


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