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Bellusira Bassist Mark Dalbeth talks new album, why he left New Zealand and more

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Barmetal had the pleasure of talking to Mark Dalbeth (Co-founder and Bassist) of Bellusira! He spoke about the band's newest album The Healing. Mark also told us why he has left his home country New Zealand and we talked about the band's newest music video Black Seed.


 You guys recently released a music video for "Black Seed" – talk about the song lyrically and musically.


Musically it was inspired by Deftones and Royal Blood, was listening to those two bands a lot around the time of writing the guitar for that one. Lyrically for Crystal it is about a situation with someone who she gave a lot of trust to but ended up being someone different to what she was portraying, a black seed.


The latest album The Healing, what does this title mean to you personally?


There is a lot of Healing that needs to be done in the world, lots of people are suffering at the moment so it's a time for people to really step up and start looking out for each other. We have tried to do our part on a musical level and it's been nice to see the messages and comments from people already saying how this album has been getting them through some tough stages they are going through at the moment in their life. That's the power of music.


For anyone who doesn't know Bellusira, how would you describe the band's music?


We are a band that tries to write the best songs we can, we don't limit ourselves to a particular genre or try and follow random genre trends that are going on as that in my opinion is career suicide. We have a hard rock edge to the sound, with pop elements laced in there.


Do you have any tattoos? If so what was your first? Talk about this experience.  


Yes i have a few tattoos, they are traditional New Zealand (maori) designs i got done with an artist back in Hamilton, NZ where i was born. It is a different experience getting it done this way as you don't come in with a particular design, you just tell them what story you want and just see the design come to life on your body. 


What are some of your favorite clothes to wear onstage while performing?


Generally the less as possible as i sweat like crazy up there. So normally it's shorts and a tank, black of course ha! Love supporting local artists wherever i can and of course rocking the rad Barmetal gear!


What was the first band shirt you ever bought? 


Soundgarden 'Down on the Upside' tee that i would wear underneath my white school uniform. Got told off so many times for wearing it but i didn't care. Loved that album, like many others it got me through those testing school times.


With a name like Barmetal, it's obligatory to talk booze. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink? If so what is it? What is it about this drink that you like?


I'm not really a big beer drinker, which is always funny cause that's generally the rider option at shows. I drink whisky on the rocks, that's my go to drink, a couple of those after a good show is always a nice relaxer. Not a huge drinker as i like to keep my body staying as healthy as possible, particularly on the road, if you are smashing the drinks night after night, you are going to wear out pretty quickly!


Do you have a particular bar in your home country or anywhere else that you enjoy to go to?


Unfortunately being based in LA now, i don't get much chance to get back to New Zealand and relax and hang with friends back there. However I am fortunate to check out new places on the road and meet new people while touring so i am very lucky to be able to experience that.


When you was 18 years old, you moved from New Zealand to Australia to focus on music. The last couple of years brought us lots of great bands from Australia, but we never hear anything about bands from New Zealand. Why is that so and how would you describe the rock/metal music scene in New Zealand?

When the population is so small, you are always going to be up against the wall. That was the reason i left NZ in the first place was because Australia simply had a lot more people there, again with American that's another level with regards to population and places to play and opportunities to be had. NZ has a lot of great local bands but similar to Australia, they don't get a lot of love with radio and tv so the exposure is very minimal and being such a small country, there is a limited amount of places to play and tour, so it's a very hard climb. It's definitely a scene worth digging your teeth into and checking out though as there are some killer acts.
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