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Anti-Clone Frontman Peter Moore Talks Music, Tattoos + Fondness for Marilyn Manson

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Interview by Liz Ramanand

 Barmetal had the pleasure of chatting with vocalist Peter Moore of UK Metal band Anti-Clone. Moore spoke about being influenced by Marilyn Manson’s music as well as upcoming projects from Anti-Clone for this year.  He also dishes on booze as well as some of his favorite bars and much more. Check out our interview with Peter Moore of Anti-Clone below:

What was the first band shirt you ever bought?

The first band t-shirt I owned was the Marilyn Manson Trismegistus top. It is a painting he did of Jesus with 3 heads. He was a major influence on me as a child and he was my first introduction to this crazy alternative world that I never knew existed. It was worn to death so it's not around anymore. [Laughs}  Marilyn Manson's influence is still here to see, I would never hide the fact that he inspired me to do what I do now. He is a big part in what Anti-Clone is and will become.

How would you describe your style onstage and offstage?

Onstage, it may be an overused term, but I treat it as therapy. All that hate, anger, disappointment, depression, sadness becomes one huge force that explodes out of me and I use it to put on the performance I do. It's like it's just me and the song. I cover myself in paint to represent we all have another side, this is mine. Like all of us you can't entertain the darker side of you 24/7 it would kill me.

Do you have any tattoos – if so what was your first?

Yes, I now go to just one guy, Matt "OddBoy" Barrett-Jones at Real Art (check out his work.) I really got on with him when we first met and he understands what I want from my tattoo's. My first however was when I was 18, quite a big piece on my leg, half angel half demon. I think by now you understand the reason behind it.

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you and Anti-Clone?

We have a new video coming out for "Take This Pill" along with a play through video of "Here Comes the Flood" this will end the Hands Sewn Together cycle and we will start on the new chapter of Anti-Clone.

What are your future aspirations for Anti-Clone?

Simple...we try to take over the world.

With a name like Barmetal, it's obligatory to talk booze. Do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage, if so what is it and why do you like it?

It really depends on my mood, I am a fan of red wine but at the same time hitting the Jägermeister is sometimes the only way to go.

What is one of your favorite bars to go to, either locally or internationally?

It's between two bars. In England Slimelight has been one of my favorite nights out but South Africa has an amazing place called Gandalfs which was equally as messy. Both places heavily catered to the gothic persuasion as far as making it exclusively alternative.

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