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Serenity Broken Guitarist Andreas Papadopoulos Talks New Music, His Love of Metallica + Booze

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Interview by Liz Ramanand

Barmetal had the pleasure of talking to the very enthusiastic guitarist Andreas Papadopoulos of Greek metal band Serenity Broken. He spoke all about the rock and metal underground scene in Greece. Papadopoulos also dished on plans for upcoming material from Serenity Broken.

Who doesn’t love Metallica? But Andreas is a die-hard fan and expresses his fondness for the almighty Metallica below and much more. We also talk about booze and tattoos, check out our interview with Andreas Papadopoulos of Serenity Broken below:

How would you describe the rock/metal music scene in Greece?

At the moment the Greek rock and metal scene is one of the biggest and strongest scenes in Europe! I mean it’s crazy! Over the last years the Greek underground (and not) scene has grown bigger than ever before and it’s really awesome to be a part of it! I can’t even count how many bands stand out and are kicking it! I don’t really know what exactly happened (financial crisis?) and made all these bands to appear from nowhere, but it feels really inspiring, challenging and keeps you in a constant creative process! I fucking love it!

How has it been for you personally being in a rock/metal band from Greece?

For me and for my bandmates being in a band, regardless the country we are coming from, it’s like taking part in a long term psychotherapy session.  All this creative process of creating a new song or album, or hitting a stage and all this intense interaction with the fans make us feel so damn alive and healthy which is beyond our imagination. Can you find a better thing than chilling with your mates and jamming a song or banging your head at a gig? I can’t.

What was the first band shirt you ever bought?  (How old were you, what did/does this band mean to you?

I think I was 13-years-old when I bought my first band t-shirt and of course it was a Metallica one!
It was an unofficial nasty t-shirt from the Load era but at that time it just felt right. They were and still are my all-time favorite band, Metallica put me in music and they are my biggest influence since then.

How would you describe your style onstage and offstage?

I can’t really separate my onstage from the offstage style or appearance. It’s pretty much the same!
Even when I’m working or at a gig there is always a band tee or a hoodie that I’m wearing and a pair of jeans, simple as that! The only things that differ are my earrings. I can’t put them on during work! [Laughs]

Do you have any tattoos? If so what was your first? Talk about this experience.  (How old were you? What made you get this design?)

Yes I have a few! I did my first tattoo when I was 19 years old and guess what,  it was a Metallica one! [laughs] I had this Metallica “ninja star” symbol in burning flames in my back. My recent one was a full James Hetfield portrait! As I said above this band really impacted me and I did it as I tribute to them. The main problem with tattoos is that when you start there is no turning back! I mean that in a while you miss that buzz noise from the needles, that sweet light burning and you simply can’t resist doing a new one. The whole procedure was really fun and I still remember how cool it felt! The tattoo was done by one the best tattoo artists here in Greece and Europe, Lonis Tattoo Studio, in Athens. Hail Lonis!

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you and Serenity Broken?

All of my focus is exclusively upon the upcoming brand new Serenity Broken digital single that will be released really soon, probably in a month! It will be a free 2 track digital single, preparing you for what’s coming next, which is our second full length album. Aside these releases we are preparing to hit some stages around Greece so we are into some serious warm up exercises.

What are your future aspirations for Serenity Broken?

Our future aspirations are very simple, except from global domination we aspire to grow Serenity Broken as big as we can - new single, new album, new videos and gig, lots of them and of course a tour in Europe and US. These are our goals and dreams.

With a name like Barmetal, it's obligatory to talk booze. Do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage, if so what is it and why do you like it?

You’re damn right! Barmetal and booze!! Is there anything better than some dozens of beers?
So as you might guess beer is my main beverage (mainly Pilsner type of beers). I also enjoy some Jack Daniels shots (inside my beer of course!) and Drambuie because of its smooth and kind of sweet flavor!

What is one of your favorite bars to go to, either locally or internationally?

You can find Serenity Broken usually at Snatch Bar in Athens.  Snatch is the best place to combine alcohol and great rock tunes. Its rock and cozy environment in combination with some killer DJs makes the perfect mix for chilling and drinking! Our guitarist’s (Orestis) brother (Nikolas) is working on the bar, so you can imagine how we arrive and how we leave this place. [Laughs] If you ever visit Greece and you need to satisfy your physical or musical thirst you simply can’t miss this one!

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